The Joyful Flow Formula

The Joyful Flow Formula

by Lieve Hendren

Are you struggling to find a way to tap into your ‘Creative Flow?’

Call me crazy for writing a whole book around the initial five-to-fifteen-minute window of dropping into Creative Flow, but that’s exactly what this book is about! Learning the precise formula you need to seamlessly drop into Creative Flow anytime, anywhere, is nothing short of a productivity superpower.

It’s counter-intuitive, but prioritizing joy primes your brain for Creative Flow and maximizes your efficiency. Accessing Creative Flow–consistently and quickly–can rapidly change the quality of your life.

Throughout this book, you’ll learn to:

  • Achieve peak productivity by optimizing your time in Creative Flow
  • Reduce needless stress with Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) workstyles
  • Effortlessly focus and stay motivated on long-term projects
  • Design a work environment that fosters breakthroughs and innovation
  • Overcome neuroscience traps that unconsciously prompt procrastination or creative block
  • Create a Signature Planning System that fits your unique workstyle, goals, and talents

My goal is that this book an investment that will save you untold hours of frustration and wasted time for years to come. It’s a practical, fun approach to adopting that same keystone time management habit that transformed my life and the lives of my coaching clients.

The Joyful Flow Formula teaches you to consistently access Creative Flow by distilling more than twenty-two Flow triggers into a three-step, easy-to-use process.

Find your Creative Flow by reading The Joyful Flow Formula today!




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