The Glamour Years of Flying as a Stewardess

The Glamour Years of Flying as a Stewardess

by Heddy Frosell da Ponte



There was a time when air travel itself was the destination. The airlines were international superstars; even among those long-gone carriers, their still-remembered names can conjure deep feelings of nostalgia, romance, and adventure: Braniff, Continental, BOAC, Swissair, TWA, Pan Am.This was the fifties and sixties. The world was on the move, and it was the new jet planes that were getting people there. But competition for the travel dollar was fierce, and Madison Avenue decided the face (and heart) of every airline would be the flight attendant, the stewardess. So it was that the “stew” became synonymous with the airline’s brand. She—and at that time they were exclusively female—was the airline. The stewardess became the fantasy every woman: glamorous professional, high-end server, customer service expert, nurse, therapist, and in no small measure: sex symbol. And to that end, these women were carefully selected for their looks and brains, then rigorously trained for weeks, and finally dressed as high-flying, high-heeled models in uniforms often created by top fashion designers.

Heddy Frosell da Ponte was one of those chosen women. She was the ideal candidate to be employed by Pan Am in the 1960s: a pretty female with a terrific figure, under thirty-two years old, unmarried, and a speaker of multiple languages. The Glamour Years of Flying as a Stewardess is Heddy’s fascinating, often times hilarious collection of exploits as she traveled the world as a stewardess during the golden age of international air travel. This remarkable book is also a rare look back at the people, places, cultures, and lifestyles gone forever, but now brought back to vivid life by a stewardess-turned-author who knows how to tell a fast-moving tale. So buckle up; this will be one flight you’ll never forget.

"A wonderful slice of yesteryear, a chance to lose yourself for an hour or two, and Heddy Frosell Da Ponte is just the perfect travel guide. Enjoy!"--Chris Hammer, author of Family Can Be Murder (Dysorganized Crime Series), The Devil's Edge, and The Game Changer.

"Told with a terrific sense of humor and self-deprecation, Heddy Frosell De Ponte's story draws you into a world that should not be forgotten."--Lori Titus, author of Hunting in Closed Spaces (Marradith Ryder Series) and Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters.

"If you need an uplift, inspiration, or just something to warm your heart, this book is definitely for you!"--Xtina Marie, author of Dark Musings and Collected Christmas Horror Shorts

About the Author

Heddy Frosell da Ponte was a flight attendant for forty five years. Now retired, she lives in Georgia. She is also the author of The Frosell Affair.



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