by Julian Rodriguez

In 19th-century New Jersey, a cold, cruel beast of a man plots an arranged marriage for his son, but the boy’s relationship with a mysterious foreign girl threatens everything.

Sea Girt, New Jersey. 1890: Joseph Johnson arrives from London to see the property that his wealthy industrialist father, Samuel, has developed on the American coast. Riding through the dunes, the young man comes across a two-room cabin that houses his father’s 18-year-old adopted daughter, Isabel. Before this visit, Joseph knew nothing about the young woman, whom his father apparently saved from drowning off the coast of Colombia when she was small. To be fair, Joseph knows almost nothing about Samuel, either, as the man left him back in England to be raised by a nurse; his mother “disappeared.” Samuel now expects Joseph to marry Elizabeth Edwards, the beautiful daughter of a local doctor. Joseph likes the girl, but he can’t get his mind off the mysterious Isabel, who everyone claims has a fatal disease. Nor does he know that Isabel almost succeeded in poisoning Samuel to death when she was younger. Isabel is anything but welcoming, but as she and Joseph get to know each other, long-held secrets threaten to come to light.

It is always thrilling when fast-pace is combined with a Victorian era. When you think about ACTION, PAGE-TURNING scenes, and HIGH-BEAT events, you almost ever imagine a tale of the modern era. The Girl from Colombia manages these two approaches EXQUISITELY. While the descriptions, the dialogues, and the well-defined characters will take you to another century, the action, the intrigues, and the intense passages will make you reconsider this tale if you thought it was going to be corny or sweet.
Filled with romance, passion, evil and old traditions, "The Girl from Colombia" is that perfect book to take on a trip or to grab onto during a rainy weekend –because you will not be able to put it down. Very engaging, to say the least!

Lorenza Seldner. Amazon reviewer

Compelling Victorian Romance-Mystery in the Spirit of Jane Eyre.
Amazon reviewer
Simply brilliant.
Vine Voice Amazon reviewer
It will keep you alert all the time until the end.
Vine Voice Amazon reviewer
This is such a great intriguing romance novel. I loved it!
Amazon reviewer
An excellent suspenseful novel.
Amazon reviewer
Rodriguez's prose is modern in style while still effectively evoking the particularly Victorian tension of words unsaid and emotions repressed. A short tale that will satisfy a reader’s craving for Victorian pomp and family intrigue.
Kirkus reviews.

The substance of "The Girl from Colombia" is riveting! The surprise plot twist at end is well worth the entire read.
Lee Ann. Editor

This novel is for mature readers, due to sexual content, some violence, and a-small amount of profanity.



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