The Flight of the Schimmerplotz (Alias Brains and Brawn Book 1)

The Flight of the Schimmerplotz (Alias Brains and Brawn Book 1)

by Charles A. Salter

2021 Readers' Favorite
 Gold Medal Winner in Christian Fantasy/Sci-Fi!

When a shimmering, threatening window suddenly opens in the park and sucks in his young daughter Sara and partner Brex Herndon, what’s a secret agent to do? Brex, alias Dr. Brains, is the smartest human in the world, while Agent Jack Rigalto, alias Mr. Brawn, is his bodyguard. Both work for the recently opened United States Space Force in its top secret Cosmic Intelligence Group.

Soon they uncover the most ghastly plot ever to conquer the world, one which has been in the works for thousands of years, since the Tower of Babel. The shimmering Schimmerplotz window carries them back and forth in time where they must unravel the conspiracy, unmask the diabolical creatures behind it, and save civilization, battling primitive savages, humanoid giants, and monstrous creatures along the way. Can Brains and Brawn succeed?



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