The Flaws of Gravity: A fast-paced fae urban fantasy (Gravity's Daughter Book 1)

The Flaws of Gravity: A fast-paced fae urban fantasy (Gravity's Daughter Book 1)

by Stephanie Caye

The existence of tequila is at stake. Oh, and humanity too.

Half-Faerie Jude’s been playing both sides of a supernatural cold war. While collecting a paycheck from the Consilium for fighting against the Faerie Court, she’s also helping her friend Aubrie search for illicit magic behind their backs. Aubrie wants more than magic, though, and when Jude finds herself pitted violently against her human colleagues on his behalf, he lets her take the fall.

Now she's got enemies everywhere. Before she can cut and run, preferably to a warm, sandy beach somewhere in the vicinity of “The Hell Away from This Mess,” a shady group of Faeries steps in. They want her to steal the spell Aubrie’s searching for, that would give him the power to merge the human and Faerie worlds and control both. In return for Jude's help, the Fae promise her freedom and safe, anonymous passage to her chosen sandy paradise.

There'd better be one hell of an umbrella drink waiting.

The Flaws of Gravity is the action-packed first book in the new urban fantasy series 
Gravity's Daughter. If you like prickly heroines, lovers-to-enemies-to-‘it’s complicated’, and new twists on old faerie lore, then you’ll love Stephanie Caye’s paranormal thrill-ride.

Buy The Flaws of Gravity and dive into this smart, snarky urban fantasy today.



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