The Delight: (a small town detective story)

The Delight: (a small town detective story)

by Marjorie Laurence's the final twist that leaves you breathless. Because at the end of your rope, is the end of your story....

....and it's all so deadly simple. One young female detective, plus two small town suicides, equals an unspeakable truth no-one in their right mind should ever dare find....

Unless that is, you’re Detective Abigail De Lyte, and she speaks for herself….

“Another young drug addict turns up dead. One more nail in my hometown coffin. Bury it and move on. But I’ve seen this once before, all of it, right down to that same unforgettable note on another young woman’s lips. A year ago they said it was just a suicide. Maybe they were right. But this time I’m investigating whether they like it or not….”

“So let the town’s underbelly rise. Let its vested interests and my own past rear up. I’ll still find out why two woman apart in life, share such an intolerable end. Why hidden tragedies and everyday catastrophes play out quietly, half hidden, on those we pass in the street. Why I’m hell-bent on coming face to face with an unbearable truth that simply crushes you….”

“For a town like mine is a town like your’s. Home, till it gets us. Where there are no serial killers hiding round every corner, no bodies buried in swirling fog, no moonlight glistening on these broken pavements. There’s just drunken kisses on ruined lives, helping hands at broken homes, big city smiles and small town suicides. We fall as we fail. Seeking what we’ve always sought....the delight.”



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