The Crown (Billionaire Royals Book 2)

The Crown (Billionaire Royals Book 2)

by Sophia Summers

The Second Novella in the Billionaire Royals Series.
Jo Finley, small town girl finds herself engaged to be married to the crown prince of a small island country. No matter how hard she tries, the fairytale is more difficult to grasp than she imagined. With funerals, coronations, and weddings to plan, Jo wants to head back to her quiet marina in Shady Lakes South Carolina.

Nico Valdez is busier than ever, the demands on his time taxing him more than anything has. When a former girlfriend shows up and everyone around him questions Jo’s ability to succeed, the pressure reaches his breaking point. Is the love that Jo and Nico feel for each other strong enough for them to weather the challenges facing a new prince when he receives the Crown?
Look for other books in this Series. The Heir: Book One on sale now. And future books: The Duke, The Duke’s Brother, The Prince, The American, and The Spy.

Jo wants to be the perfect queen, but when the press start throwing daggers, she questions not just her abilities, but her desire to stay.


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