The Breaking of Eva Celeste: a Hot and Steamy Vampire Erotica (Book 1)

The Breaking of Eva Celeste: a Hot and Steamy Vampire Erotica (Book 1)

by Nina Monet

Vampires love the taste of human blood and they need it for sustenance. But there is another type of hunger that they love that comes second to them; and that is the indulgence of untethered revelry and raw coition with each other. This type of hunger is all consuming and their lust for each other is unleashed once a year on an event they call “The Spree”.

Eva is a young vampire that has a secret: she is still a virgin even though she's played a deceptive game of pretending to take part in the yearly Spree. This upcoming Spree will be her 7th and so far, her chastity is in tact. For her own personal reasons, she chooses to keep her virginity despite her growing lustful desires from within. However, the roaringly erotic and brutally violent wet dreams and hallucinations have been intensifying each passing year. When she meets a high-value, wealthy and handsome vampire that embodies everything she loves in aggressive males, she realizes just how weak her strength to resist has become over the years. He just may very well be the very thing to send her over the edge.

As her willpower begins to break under the weight of her own lustful desires, will she be able to hold back the all-consuming storm of primal and lascivious instincts that war within her?



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