Surprised by Shadows (New Hope Series Book 2)

Surprised by Shadows (New Hope Series Book 2)

by Karen J. Hasley

New Hope, Nebraska, is the kind of town that minds its own business and accepts people – even strangers, even single women – without comment or criticism. Exactly the kind of place painter Sheba Fenway is looking for. Along the way other things happen, like friends and a successful business and a comfortable home, but for Sheba, it’s always and only about her art. That’s all she has room for in her life and in her heart.

Until one August when Sheba’s past comes calling, and suddenly her life isn’t just about painting any more. Now it’s about family and keeping them safe. Before the smoke clears, Sheba will come face to face with fear, danger, and evil. With love, too, something she never wanted and didn’t have room for. Or so she thought. In the end, if she’s smart and fearless enough, Sheba Fenway may live to find out how much a woman’s life – and heart – can truly hold.



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