Sucker for Payne

Sucker for Payne

by Carrie Thomas

One mistake doesn’t usually define a person, unless your name is Conner Payne.

Searching for a way to get his life back on track, Conner finds refuge at Steele Cage, a local gym, where he soon uncovers his potential for supremacy inside the brutal world of cage fighting. A natural talent for landing precise punches and powerful knee strikes could be Conner’s ticket out of the hellscape of a life he’s been living in for the past decade. All he has to do is train hard and avoid distractions. Should be simple enough, but Conner knows better than anyone that even when you’re not looking for trouble, trouble can still find you. And this time, the devil is disguised as a feisty reporter, full of temptation and wrapped in sin.

After a devastating betrayal, local columnist Willow Stevens devotes herself to her profession, searching for the security and stability she’s always craved. Everything is going as planned until she’s forced to cover a cage fighting match, where an altercation with a crazed fan brings her face-to-
bruised-face with the winner of the cage match and possible destroyer of her heart. With her life finally moving in the right direction, Willow can’t afford any wrong turns, but Conner Payne may be a detour too tempting to ignore.

As their lives become increasingly intertwined, Willow and Conner’s pasts continue to sucker punch them from behind. They soon find out that what doesn’t kill you may make you stronger, but you still have to learn to live with the scars.



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