Re-becoming You: The Liberating Power In Letting Go Of Unnecessary Social Expectations

Re-becoming You: The Liberating Power In Letting Go Of Unnecessary Social Expectations

by Bethany Johnson

Do you often feel stifled by social norms and have been looking for a deeper connection with your inner identity?

Dive into a transformative journey with Re-becoming You, written to assist you in peeling away layers of unneeded social expectations and reconnecting with your true self. This book is divided into 10 sections, each offering five distinct viewpoints, guides you through a daily examination of social norms, empowering you to transcend societal standards and embrace your fundamental identity.

Each section presents daily readings, lasting 5-10 minutes, that concentrate on specific societal expectations. Through these insights, you'll discover practical steps to shift your mindset and liberate yourself from the burdens of unnecessary societal demands. By adopting intentional daily actions, you'll naturally incorporate these new insights into your life, setting the stage for authentic self-discovery and meaningful personal growth.


In this book, you will learn:

View specific social expectations and how each covers up who we truly are.

Learn that HOW we are and WHO we are aren't the same person.

Gain a new way of looking at certain social expectations and how the reader can apply it to their lives in hopes of finding themselves again.

Our true self at our core has always been there. It is just covered up with layers of other people's expectations.

We become who everyone else wants us to be at the expense of being our true self.

Take the first step towards authenticity! Grab your copy of Re-becoming You now and begin your journey of self-discovery.




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