No Way Out (Detective Ray Collins Book 1)

No Way Out (Detective Ray Collins Book 1)

by David Silver

'Absolutely breathtaking. This book blew me away - words can't describe how good it is!' 
NetGalley review

The clock is ticking.

When Amanda Reeves, a beautiful young student, is kidnapped on the streets of Los Angeles, LAPD Detective Ray Collins knows that every second counts. Because the kidnapping is clearly the latest work of the serial killer known as the "Night Shade Killer," who has terrified the city for the past twelve years.

Each year, the killer kidnaps a victim to torture and eventually kill them after a thoroughly planned ritual. Each time, there are exactly nine days between the abduction and the victim's death. The murderer has never been caught.
And this time, too, all traces lead nowhere. Until Ray, whose reputation as a loner makes him more enemies than friends at the LAPD, investigates on his own and makes an incredible discovery. A discovery that brings back his insomnia as much as the flashbacks from his past.

It soon becomes clear that this case is not only the biggest case of Ray's career, but also the most personal... can he catch the killer before another victim loses their life?

Don't miss this utterly gripping crime thriller with twists and turns you won't see coming. The perfect read for fans of Michael Conelly, Lisa Regan and A.J. Rivers!

What readers are saying about No Way Out:

'A story like no other. I read this in one sitting because 
I just could not put it down!NetGalley review

'Just WOW! 
A total rollercoaster of emotions. I was shocked by every twist and all the secrets!' NetGalley review

Highly addictive from start to finish - a bloody good read you should not miss!' NetGalley review

'I was hooked from page one - 
my heart was pounding like crazy!NetGalley review

' Don't miss this book - 
the suspense just keeps mounting ending with a stunning conclusion you don't see coming!' NetGalley review



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