My Strength Is Her Strength: The Beautiful Art of Positive Practical Parenting for Girls With ADHD

My Strength Is Her Strength: The Beautiful Art of Positive Practical Parenting for Girls With ADHD

by Leslie K. Brown

Your daughter's ADHD should never hold her back: discover how you can use your own parenting power to feed her inner strength.

Did you know that Emma Watson was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD while she was filming for Harry Potter?

Idolized as Hermione by children and respected by teens for her activism and advocacy, Emma Watson is an inspiration to girls of all ages… and everything she’s achieved, she’s managed alongside her ADHD.

She’s the perfect role model for girls with ADHD -- a group who often find themselves marginalized and misunderstood. And if you’re a parent to one of these girls, the chances are, you face many struggles you never expected to face as a parent.

How many times have you looked for help, only to find that resources are targeting externalized symptoms like hyperactivity and acting out?

But your daughter’s ADHD manifests differently. Her symptoms are more internalized. Perhaps she’s anxious and withdrawn, she has trouble focusing, or she appears not to be listening.

All too often, these girls are overlooked.

So how can you help them fit into a world that seems to not be designed for them?

The answer starts with yourself: through arming yourself with knowledge about ADHD in girls, you can help your daughter navigate the world and let her brightest qualities shine.

Because all those quirks her ADHD gives her can be advantages if she’s guided and taught to harness their power.

It’s not about forcing her to fit into a neurotypical mold: it’s about teaching her how to use her strengths and skills to find her own place within the world.

By strengthening your own understanding of how ADHD affects your daughter through each stage of development, you can fortify her with the skills she needs to be a brilliant and inspirational young woman.

In My Strength Is Her Strength, you’ll find a complete guide to parenting girls with ADHD and building your own strength in order to feed hers. You’ll discover:

  • A fundamental understanding of ADHD and how it manifests differently in girls and boys
  • Why early intervention is crucial for girls with ADHD -- and how you can spot the signs early
  • The underlooked strengths ADHD can give children -- and how you can help your daughter identify hers
  • A closer look at the challenges your daughter will face at each stage of development -- and how you can support her from preschool straight to her high school graduation
  • How positive parenting can be your superpower (and exactly how you can make sure it is)
  • How to use the ‘Fix You First’ strategy for parenting children with ADHD
  • Puberty, sexuality, and social media -- a clear guide to navigating the sensitive side of parenting teenage girls with ADHD
  • Common coexisting conditions in girls with ADHD (because knowledge is power)
  • A comprehensive guide to seeking help and support at any stage of your parenting journey
  • 3 fundamental areas where a routine is essential -- and how you can establish lifelong healthy habits from a young age

And much more.

If you’re worrying about your daughter’s future, you can rest assured that she has the same chance of success as her neurotypical peers -- and she even has some unique character traits that can put her one step ahead of the game… if she knows how to use them.

By learning how to build a strong, positive approach to parenting, you can nurture your daughter and watch her flourish every step of the way.

ADHD isn’t a disability. It’s simply a different operating system… and together, you and your daughter can learn to harness its power.

If you want to feed your daughter’s inner strength and help her excel in all areas of life, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.



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