My Hot Enemy: A Secret Baby Romance (Southern Heat)

My Hot Enemy: A Secret Baby Romance (Southern Heat)

by Natasha L. Black

Worst birthday ever…

The plan was to turn thirty and inherit my grandpa’s store,
Not for the board to sell controlling interest right out from under me.

Victor, the new owner, is handsome as sin and twice as arrogant.
He’s determined to be hands-on with my business.
The problem is, I want his hands on me.

A tornado rages. Passion flares.
Huddled in the storm shelter together, Victor and I give in to our attraction.
My family’s legacy takes a direct hit, and I’m devastated.
Now the business we fought over may be damaged beyond repair,
And my heart is on the line.

Not to mention, there’s a little secret I’m carrying,
That could change everything.



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