Modern Alpha Male Mindset Strategies

Modern Alpha Male Mindset Strategies

by Damien Blake

Tired of being at the bottom of the “food chain”? Women, money, success... Do you ever feel like you have fallen behind whilst some other guys seem to have it all? Are you damn frustrated and feel like some major changes are overdue? Then keep reading..


When an alpha enters the room – he commands respect and asserts authority. The world stays silent when he speaks and everyone values his opinion. He does not chase women, yet they are always flirty around him... Other men envy him, yet they treat him with the utmost respect... He seems to get whatever he wants!

What the hell? Was he born that way? The simple answer is NO. You too have the potential to be that charismatic, smooth-talking, radiant with confidence guy. Being an Alpha Male is not a birthright – it is simply a way of life!

Latest research shows that most men want to live as alphas - after all, alpha is the guy who gets the car, the girl, the promotion and whatever the hell else he wants.. However, 63% of males will never be able to achieve the alpha lifestyle. You are one lucky 37 per-cent-er as you are holding this book!.

This is not a book of outdated pick-up lines and manipulative techniques. Using those would be the equivalent of using a band-aid on a broken leg – you need long-term solutions.

This all-in-one alpha male mindset blueprint gives you the tools you need and targets the most common issues men face on their path to the alpha male lifestyle, such as:

  • How to be assertive and dominant without being aggressive? - this will boost your personal brand, increase your career prospects and gain you the respect of others.
  • 9 reasons you aren’t getting the girl or the promotion - Rid yourself of the beta male mentality...for good!
  • How do I find my purpose? - Ask yourself the right questions! A step-by-step guide to determine your passions and purpose in life awaits you. Time to live a more meaningful life.
  • Gain the respect you deserve gracefully - Become a magnet, a leader, and someone that commands a room, just with your presence and unshakeable confidence - you will find a list of techniques to help you build a strategy that would best suit your personality!
  • Learn why low testosterone levels are slowing you down - Boost your confidence to new heights using practical tips to take you from zero to hero - a natural testosterone-driven lifestyle! It will balance out your cortisol levels and reduce stress, anxiety.
  • Getting rid of the toxic “I am not good enough” thoughts - Defence mechanisms like self-sabotage result in the need for validation from others. I will show you how to transform your brain into an alpha mindset where the only "validator" is yourself.
  • Uncover the shocking truth about why your inability to say “no” will be your downfall - Set boundaries, stop pleasing people and get back to the things YOU love to do!
  • Unearth the science behind status - Transform yourself into a resilient, assertive alpha over time or at the very least use my 7 Quick-Fix tips to boost your social status instantly!

Dude, you are not alone! I’ve been where you are at now and I want to help you change that frustrating situation!

Even if you’ve failed miserably at your attempts in talking with women, been oppressed at work, and been feeling like a loser, trust me we’ve all been there and I am no exception. Do you want MORE? Do you want BETTER? Hell, yeah!


Change the Default Settings of your Mindset! You Were Born to be an Alpha Male Original...Don’t Die a Beta Copy!


If you are ready for your life to change “swipe right” aka scroll up and click Add to Cart - Let's get started!




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