Made for Me: (A Bad Boy Billionaire & Single Mom Story)

Made for Me: (A Bad Boy Billionaire & Single Mom Story)

by Weston Parker et al

From Amazon Best Selling Author, Weston Parker comes a great single mom love story.

I’m a self-made man, rich because I willed it so.

Up from the slums in Boston to the top of the tallest high-rise downtown.

I don’t ask for what I want. I take it.

And right now, I want a woman by my side.

Funny how when you want something so badly, and you start looking with eyes wide open, you find it.

A beautiful, ballsy single mom shows up in an unlikely place, and I’m compelled to make my move.

It’ll start with a job and become so much more.


Because I’ll take the necessary steps to make her mine, one kiss at a time.

And she’ll fall for me, not because I’m a billionaire and have the power to pull her up in life, but because at the end of the day, she was made for me, and I was made for her.

Every Good Girl Deserves a Bad Boy. ~ Weston


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