Love Will Prevail (The Sisters of Rosefield Book 5)

Love Will Prevail (The Sisters of Rosefield Book 5)

by Emma Easter

What happens when the person you love, is the very one standing in the way of your dreams?


When Audrey decides she’s ready to have a child, she expects husband Ken to be thrilled by the news. What comes next is more of a slap to the face. Audrey hopes that a trip to visit Sienna and Brian’s orphanage, along with their newborn Ethan, might offer some much-needed inspiration.

Across the sea, Leila struggles through harrowing circumstances to return to her beloved, Malik. But even if God rewards her with the deepest desire of her heart, she could be chasing an impossible dream.

Faizan has embraced married life with wife Zainiah, and holds onto his dream of one day returning them to the US. Faizan’s ex, Lauren, has had less fortune in love. After a string of bad dates, Lauren resorts to a dating app to find a good man who’s ready to take a wife. God answers her prayers, but her online love interest is far from the virtuous soulmate she expected.

Will love prevail in the fifth instalment of The Sisters of Rosefield series? Audrey, Lauren, and Leila must learn to trust in their faith, even if their hearts say otherwise…



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