Living While Dying: My Cancer Journey

Living While Dying: My Cancer Journey

by Thom Barrett

How do you react when your entire world changes?

"Living While Dying" by Thom Barrett is a poignant memoir detailing his experiences and insights from battling stage IV prostate cancer. Eight years ago, Thom's life took an unexpected turn with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Initially, he believed a surgery to remove his prostate would cure him, but the cancer had already advanced to stage III, spreading beyond the gland.

The book chronicles Thom's journey since 2015, starting from the initial signs of rising PSA levels to the life-altering biopsy in 2016. After a period of remission, where Thom embraced travel and active living, the cancer returned in 2019, necessitating further treatments like external beam radiation and androgen deprivation therapy.

Despite these challenges, Thom has continued to lead a fulfilling life, traveling and volunteering, even as recent tests in early 2023 showed the cancer's progression to his lymph nodes and chest. Now 67, he faces the realities of stage IV cancer with determination and hope, aiming to surpass survival expectations and maintain a quality life.

This book isn't a step-by-step guide on battling cancer but a deeply personal narrative about living fully in the face of illness. Thom's story emphasizes the power of positivity and the significance of cherishing each moment, offering inspiration to others with cancer and their supporters. It's a testament to facing life's hardest challenges with unwavering strength and optimism. Grab your copy today!



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