Kaleidoscopic Shades: Within Black Eternity

Kaleidoscopic Shades: Within Black Eternity

by David A. Neuman

Reality is an illusion...

Kaleidoscopic Shades - Within Black Eternity - now a multi-award winner and bestseller at Online Book Club for the past two months, is described as a hellish Alice in Wonderland and reminiscent of Stranger Things as well as a merging of Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone.

Joshua Triplow is just your average kid living in what he believes is the best place on Earth: Corona, California. Only a recurring nightmare begins to plague him - and all the other kids in the best place on Earth. A nightmare of a man in black... the very same who haunts his father's tortured childhood.

And Joshua's father, Bob, begins to understand that what has been left behind half a world away in another lifetime has found a way to thrive... He learns there are no colors but black in a place far over the rainbow and that it continues to hoard the most vulnerable in a wrenching existence.

It is here that Bob will fight for his sanity and Joshua will confront countless lost souls... and a menagerie of clocks maddeningly ticking away the hour to nowhere. To the endless plains of Black Eternity.



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