I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You

by Karen Triplett

As the 1960s unfold, five young women forge a friendship at the University of Washington that will carry them through college academics as well as the growing cognition of their own personal capabilities in a city that is also looking for its own destiny.

The fall of 1963 begins the enduring story of five young women at the University of Washington. Each of them has a different background, but all have the same goal: to secure an education and forge their own paths in life without succumbing to parental or societal pressure to simply marry and have children. They experience the complex world of friendship, love, and heartbreak on their journey to adulthood.

Their time of innocence yields to more turbulent days. With demands for equality for women growing louder, the Vietnam War on the horizon, and their realization that not everyone has the same civil rights, Linzi, Marie, Helen, Jody, and Dorothy learn that although plans can be disrupted, their devotion to one another will sustain them as they undergo the academic rigors of college as well as in the Pan Am skies, the Peace Corps in rural Bolivia, an unplanned pregnancy, and the complex world of love and heartbreak.

An intricately woven tale in the vein of Mary McCarthy’s 
The Group and Rona Jaffe’s The Best of Everything, with a nod to the harsh realities for women in the 1960s workplace explored in the Mad Men series, I’ll Be Seeing You is a testament to young women who challenge expectations with their dreams and ambition.



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