Holly Holmes Cozy Culinary Mystery Series: Books 1-4 Collection

Holly Holmes Cozy Culinary Mystery Series: Books 1-4 Collection

by K.E. O'Connor

With its stunning turrets and beautiful rose gardens, I always thought Audley Castle was perfect, set in the idyllic English village of Audley St. Mary. It’s a place I love to call home. But behind the trimmed hedgerows, stately gardens, and birdsong, a killer is waiting…

If you enjoy beautiful English settings, twisty murder mysteries that leave you guessing until the big reveal, and adorable dogs, this series is for you.

Book 1 - Cream Caramel & Murder
After being forced to close my charming café in this quaint little village, I'm thrilled to get a job in the Audley Castle kitchens, making divine treats for visitors and serving the Audley family who live in the castle.

The joy fades when I take my beloved dog for his daily walk, and he leads us to the body of a family friend, Kendal Jakes. Seemingly caught in the act of tampering with evidence by the castle’s security team, I become the number one murder suspect in their investigation. It’ll take more than my skills with a piping bag to solve this crisis.

Book 2 - Chocolate Swirls & Murder
When I get involved in volunteering at the prestigious annual food fair in the castle grounds, I’m shocked to learn about the death of a visiting pie seller. And it was no accident. When the castle’s head of security tells me to keep my nose out as I ask a few questions, I know I should listen, but I can never resist a puzzle.

Rather than focusing on perfecting my entry for the Audley Castle baking contest, I ask how a pie slicer got stuck in a man’s back in a crowded food fair! As I investigate the victim’s life (and death) I learn about his shady business dealings. Could that be the reason he was killed? Or does the presence of an ex-girlfriend have something to do with it?

Book 3 - Vanilla Whip & Murder
When the loveably eccentric Lady Philippa predicts that Blaine Masters, a guest of the Audley family, is about to die, I need to listen. It’s eerie how she seems to see the future.

I'm determined to warn Blaine, but he refuses to take me seriously. In fact, he’s downright rude when I try to help. Then he’s found dead at the bottom of a set of stone steps in only his underwear. It doesn't take me long to learn there were plenty of people who hated Blaine. But who is hiding the truth about how far they’d go to get rid of him?

book 4 - Cherry Cream & Murder
A pinch of murder in paradise, a dash of ruined reputations, and a splash of rivalry. English country living has never been deadlier. I’m in a bind, when I’m given the crucial task of preventing a death by Lady Philippa Audley. The problem is, I have no idea who's about to die or how they'll meet a sticky end!

When the killer strikes during a friendly longbow shooting competition, everyone is stunned. Was this an accident, or did someone target the victim? As I hunt for the truth, I discover work rivals, a neglected girlfriend, and intense jealousy.


If you love amateur female detectives and English eccentricities, then don't miss your chance to binge-read the first four books in the Holly Holmes cozy culinary mystery collection. To be enjoyed with a slice of cake while nestled in a comfy chair!



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