Healing the Heart of a Cowboy (McGuire Family Book 1)

Healing the Heart of a Cowboy (McGuire Family Book 1)

by MJ Andrews

Aubrey is a newly single woman looking for a fresh start. Fleeing from everything and nothing all at the same time. She stumbles her way to Silverton, TX in hopes that her past won't find her. By day one she has pissed off a hot broody cowboy, one deceased pant suit and her favourite heels are missing one heel. When the local doctor offers to help her settle in by offering her to stay on the family ranch, she's grateful. Until she finds the pissed off and delicious cowboy is the doctor's brother and her new landlord.

Remington doesn't have time for distractions. He closed himself off from all possible happy endings after a devastating heartbreak. He's done taking crap from anyone and letting his heart get hurt. When a prim and proper woman pushes his buttons, he has no problem telling her to haul the stick out of her rear. Thinking he would never have to see her again, he doesn't think much of it. Until his sister volunteers his ranch to the feisty woman who is all attitude packaged in one tempting little firecracker.

When Aubrey's past follows her to Silverton, will the McGuire's step up to help her and will Remi find his heart in the process? Will they take the risk or will the option be ripped from their hands?



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