Forgotten Valor: A Korean War Military Novel (The Jonas Stuyvesant Saga Book 1)

Forgotten Valor: A Korean War Military Novel (The Jonas Stuyvesant Saga Book 1)

by Richard Thomas Lane

A green lieutenant. A ruthless enemy. A heart-rending choice that will haunt him the rest of his life. If he lives.

Korea 1950. Jonas Stuyvesant's silver spoon upbringing has not prepared him for the horrors of war. When Communist North Korea launches a surprise invasion of the South, Jonas finds himself leading his platoon against a well-trained, battle-hardened army. Soviet-made tanks break through the American lines. These are not the pitchfork-wielding peasants he expected. What should have been an easy victory turns into a devastating rout. Jonas and his men begin their retreat down the Peninsula, fighting a rear-guard action.

Backed against an unforgiving sea with no hope of relief, his shell-shocked troops hunker down for a suicidal last stand. Grasping for any way to save the remnants of his platoon, Jonas strikes a surprise blow against the North Koreans. When the enemy hurls a massive counterattack at him, Jonas is caught in the vise: be overrun or make an unthinkable sacrifice.

Forgotten Valor: A Novel of the Korean War is a visceral work of historical fiction covering the first three months of America's forgotten war. If you live for gritty details seen through a soldier's eyes, you'll love Richard Thomas Lane's story of courage under fire. Buy it Now!




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