Damaged Goods: A Devotional for the Slightly Imperfect

Damaged Goods: A Devotional for the Slightly Imperfect

by Stacy Kaye

Does God really care about you?

This is a question we all have to ask ourselves. This book isn’t for the girls who’ve always done everything right. It’s for the oops–I–did–it–againers, the live–my–life–on–my–own–termers, the sometimes–learn–from–my–mistakers, the ones who’ve fallen down hard and lived to tell the tale, who’ve never quite fit the good-girl mold—the perfectly imperfect. It’s an open and raw look at what happens when a Christian damages her testimony and the restorative power of God’s love. Through personal stories, Stacy invites you into some of her darkest days and candidly shares hard-won wisdom around questions like . . .

  • Why do Christians run screaming in the opposite direction when someone’s life gets messy?
  • What should your role be when another Christian makes a mistake or struggles with something with which you don’t agree?
  • How can you overcome crippling fear, anxiety, and worry?
  • Why do you wander away from God over and over again?
  • Does it really matter if you forgive someone who wronged you?

This is not your mom’s devotional. It’s not filled with flowery descriptions or complex theology. It’s for women who are ready to get real and have an honest conversation about what it means to make a royal mess of your life and the painful paths your choices sometimes lead you down.

Inside you’ll find extraordinary truths and practical tips sprinkled with loads of encouragement meant just for you slightly imperfect daughters of the king! Grab your copy today!




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