Cocoa Beach Cottage (Sweeney House Book 1)

Cocoa Beach Cottage (Sweeney House Book 1)

by Cecelia Scott

Samantha Parker is picking up the pieces of her life—and a pen to sign divorce papers—after she finds out her husband has been cheating on her, and the other woman is expecting his child. While the idea of leaving town and starting over is appealing, Sam's only option is to head back to her childhood home of Cocoa Beach, Florida, to help her recently-widowed mother run their family inn. Can she go home and start her whole life over at forty-three?

Sam decides to spend the summer living in the beachfront cottage where she was raised, bringing her twenty-four year old daughter for moral support and laughter, and her teenage son, in the hopes that the change will help him heal, too.

Finding peace on the sunwashed island, Sam finally spreads her wings, gets her first real job, and reconnects with the siblings she’s kept distant for far too many years. She helps her daughter navigate a new romance, guides her mother through a widow’s grief, and supports her sister as she faces an unexpected challenge. But when the pain of the divorce becomes too much for her fragile son to handle, Sam wonders if she can ever really escape her past.

The Sweeney House Series

The Sweeney House is a landmark inn on the shores of Cocoa Beach, built and owned by the same family for decades. After the unexpected passing of their beloved patriarch, Jay, this family must come together like never before. They may have lost their leader, but the Sweeneys are made of strong stuff. Together on the island paradise where they grew up, this family meets every challenge with hope, humor, and heart, bathed in sunshine and the unconditional love they learned from their father.

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