Chasing Mr. Wrong: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Chasing Mr. Wrong: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Avery Edwards

Mr. Blue Eyes is my brother's best friend.
The only man to make flannel look sexy.
And the one guy that's completely off limits.

My brother tricked me into coming home.
Wants me to forgive our dying father.
Nothing like fond memories of a drunk dad and trailer parks.

Everything about this ranch town sucks.
Except for Chase Dalton.
I actually wrote a bestselling romance about him.
He just doesn't know it.

He never saw me the way I saw him.
I was always the little sis.
Now I'm all grown up.
A big city girl with a big city attitude.

But Chase knows better.
He sees the real me.
The shy girl with a rough childhood.
A heart that's longing for love.

This town is everything I never wanted.
And Chase is everything I always needed.
I guess now I can finally finish my sequel...



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