Beautiful Little Furies: Compelling Women's Psychological Fiction

Beautiful Little Furies: Compelling Women's Psychological Fiction

by Laurel Osterkamp

It's 2004 in Minneapolis, and Hazel Ford is an English teacher at a diverse urban high school, where she loves discussing The Great Gatsby with her Advanced Placement students. Plus, she's crazy about her fiancé/fellow high school teacher, Vance. But when the two of them are involved in a horrific car accident, everything comes crashing down, leaving Hazel with a traumatic brain injury and no memory of the accident - or of her supposed breakup with Vance.

When Hazel's brilliant but troubled student Febe reveals dark secrets about Vance, Hazel must navigate through the twists and turns of self-discovery, risking everything - even her own safety - to protect those she loves most and uncover disturbing truths that were buried deep.

Beautiful Little Furies, Laurel Osterkamp's stunning new novel of redemption, reinvention, and female empowerment, reminds us that secrets can change lives forever and some chances must be taken, no matter the cost.




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