Abandon Ship: Faith and Love In Acerton 7

Abandon Ship: Faith and Love In Acerton 7

by Barbara Howard

Squalls ahead!

Nicole Crawley’s life is all mapped out—graduate from college, a career at her father’s construction office, and Steve, a boyfriend who is totally marriage material.

Is this all there is? Why can’t she be happy with such a blessed life? Why does she look upon her advantages as obstacles? Her life is mapped out alright. And she’s choking on it. Her career becomes drudgery, her office a prison, her father the warden, and Steve is her… her what?

Is she a spoiled rich kid? Or is it something else? This pre-planned life is all set out for her is so arid. Where’s adventure? Where’s challenge? Is this all there is?

When Dad explodes at her, Nicole reaches a breaking point.

She’s always loved the water. Through a stroke of luck or God’s hand she lands a job as an apprentice deckhand on the Acerton Ferry. Rain or shine, day and night that ship serves the people on the island across the bay. Now she’ll spend her days with the wind and spray in her face, not at a desk.

This is the right thing to do. What can go wrong?

Trouble right from the start. One stubborn crewman, Brandon, hates the fact that she is there. She’s just a rich girl playing; and her dalliance has stolen opportunity from people who really need the job.

And there’s Glen...he’s more than happy to fill the void in her life that the break-up with Steve has created.

Not to mention the challenges of the job itself. There’s a lot more to working on a ferry than she ever imagined; what looked like an easy job is actually demanding.

Her choices are boomeranging back, knocking the wind from her sails. She’s ready to abandon ship.

But sometimes fate and choices can bring unexpected rewards. If you have the faith to hold fast.

Does Nicole?
A touching story of faith in faithless times.




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