A Different World: God's Sovereignty In The Face Of Suffering

A Different World: God's Sovereignty In The Face Of Suffering

by David Libby

If there is a God who is both good and all-powerful, then how can this be happening?


In his work "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion", the eighteenth century Scottish philosopher, David Hume, argued against the teleological argument for the existence of God, by pointing out that a perfect God (a God who does not make mistakes) would never have created a world so full of mistakes as this one is. The nineteenth century German philosopher, Ernst Haeckel, coined a brand-new name for this argument; he called it the "dysteleological argument". It presents a good question: how could an all-powerful and benevolent God have created a world like this one, where suffering is ubiquitous?


There is no shortage of inadequate answers to this question, often presented by people who have suffered very little. There are sound answers to be found, resting on the solid foundation of God's revelation, but they are not easy answers. It is that plot of stony ground that this little book seeks to plow. None of the answers in this book are novel, nevertheless, they are seldom heard today within the halls (or more likely, the cafes) of popular Christianity.


Not only do Hume's and Haeckel's salvos fall short of their target, but they also leave their proponents hopelessly adrift in a fog-bound sea of nihilism. In an atheistic world, suffering has no ultimate purpose, but this is not a nihilistic world. In the arms of a loving and sovereign God, even our darkest hours are redeemed for good, and it is here where I earnestly hope the reader will find himself.


In this book, you will learn:

That human suffering is not a mistake, but is consistent with the revealed will of God.

That the reality of human and satanic evil is not inconsistent with the goodness and sovereignty of God.

That God is glorified, and his people refined, through suffering.

That, without a sovereign God, our suffering would have no purpose, but that, in the sovereign plan of God it is infinitely purposeful.

That it is only in submission to the true God, through faith in Jesus Christ, that this infinite purpose can be realized.


This is a must-read for anyone who wants to embark on a spiritual journey. Within the pages of this book you will find the true meaning of faith and discover more about Christian living. To learn more, get a copy now!




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