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Fascinating Interview with Shannon Mayer, Bestselling Author of Priceless

  • Sep 24th, 2014
  • by Patrick

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You know that feeling when you've found a great new song, you get giddy and start downloading or streaming all of the band's music?  It's that aspect of discovery which we love at eBookHounds.  One author that you must discover (if you haven't already) is Shannon Mayer.  Her writing is crisp and no-nonsense.  Her characters will make you laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of your seat with tension.  Shannon is truly a gifted author, and her books are those ones that make the world around you go black, as you immerse yourself in the world she has created.  Check out the compelling interview with Shannon, and then go get Priceless, the first book in her Rylee Adamson series!



So, you think you want to be a bestselling author?  That's a good goal :)


One of the best ways to reach a goal is listening to others who have made it.  Point in case, Shannon Mayer and her bestselling Priceless series.  Book 1 took off astronomically, and Shannon capitalized on that success by grinding out nine more books in the series.  Talk about hard work!  In this interview, she talks about her work ethic, how she reaches readers, and what it has been like to work hard and achieve so much success.  This is a must watch!






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