Readers, Why You Want Free Ebooks From a CURATED List

  • Mar 12th, 2015
  • by Patrick

There are a healthy number of websites out there which provide free ebooks to download.  We frequently scan for those websites and for their offerings--it's a natural part of being both a consumer of ebooks ourselves, as well as checking out our competition.  That consistent research is what prompted us to write this blog, as there is truly a significant difference between a free and discounted ebook website such as eBookHounds, and other competitors such as


You Want a Curated List of Ebooks


The boon of ebook creation is something we embrace.  It allowed tens of thousands of authors to access markets previously foreclosed to them.  Free enterprise.  However, with that free access has come a glut of ebooks which, quite simply, are not good.  They are hastily thrown together, not well written, not well edited, and not worth your valuable time.  Some of these websites we scan on a daily basis do a fine job of getting you ALL of the potential free ebooks out there, but then you have to spend that time (still valuable) sorting through a clutter of subpar ebooks.  


Our service combines the free ebooks that you want to be able to download with curation of what you will be sent, and what you can access on our website.  So, when you sit down to read that free mystery or thriller or contemporary romance ebook you just downloaded, you will know that at least you have good quality in your hands.


We Want to Promote the Best of Free Ebooks


Some authors lament the fact that there are so many free ebooks available out there.  They believe it drives down the prices that readers are willing to pay for ebooks overall.  We understand that concern, but don't believe it is that valid, in the end.  We know that you are willing to pay more for quality.  That's just human nature--it doesn't take that long in life to learn you get what you pay for.  We also know that what drives you absolutely giddy, bonkers happy is getting excellent quality for FREE.  So, websites like eBookHounds and some of the others that focus on getting you only quality, bestselling ebooks are actually helping to maintain proper pricing by focusing on what matters most--a good read.


In Short? We Get You the Best Free Ebooks in the Market


Our goal since inception was to deliver only quality ebooks to your email inbox everyday.  That will never change, regardless of how much more money we could make if we made our expectations more lax.  When you sign up to be one of our pack members, you will save money, time, and be guaranteed quality free ebooks.

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