eBookHounds' Loyalty Program

eBookHounds' Loyalty Program

Start Earning Your eBookHounds' Rewards Today!

Ever wonder why you could spend hundreds of dollars at author advertising sites and hardly get a "thanks," let alone some return benefit?  So did we.  As you can see throughout our website, one of our core values is our loyalty.  This is why we started the eBookHounds' Loyalty Program--because we value our repeat authors so much and we want to return value to you!  How does it work?  Simply:


Buy 5 ads in any given advertisement type (i.e. Daily Deal, Daily Deal + Ebook of the Day, etc.) and you will get your 6th ad for free.  No exclusions, no "black out" days--as soon as you're ready to use your 6th ad, just submit as usual and we will run it for free!


Many authors have already benefited from the Loyalty Program.  The question is, why wouldn't you start building up to your free advertisement with eBookHounds today?



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